Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

Discover the Natural Treasures of Crete

Ostria Resort & Spa Wine & Olive Tasting Evening invites you to taste some of the most outstanding grape varieties through the highest quality local labels.

The Wine in Crete

Wine is part of the daily life and culture of Crete. It is always served with a meal or dinner and drinking is enjoyed in company as Cretans never drink alone. They prefer to do it while chatting, laughing and enjoying local food!

Crete boasts a 4000-years-old wine tradition. The oldest vineyard in Europe was found at the area of Kato Zakros and the oldest wine-press, aged over 3500 years, was discovered nearby Archanes. The island’s long periods of glorious history have always included wine as a product inextricably linked to daily life and participation to viniculture events and wine festivals has been part of a centuries-old tradition that has lived on to our times.

Modern viticulture takes place with the utmost care in carefully selected areas where the favourable soil features and climate conditions of the island help grow outstanding grape varieties from which wonderful wines are produced. The new generation of Cretan Wines stands as a fine complement to the well-known local gastronomy, and they will definitely turn this aspect of your trip into a delight for the palate. 


You will discover all the secrets of Wine and Olive Oil production.

You will learn how to distinguish the differences and various flavours of each wine that you taste. 

You will learn how to pair different wines with specific dishes.

You will taste the finest olive oils of the region and other traditional products like cheese, cold cuts, homemade sweets, and honey.

The friendly atmosphere of this class will offer you a relaxing afternoon while learning interesting facts and secrets about Cretan food and wine culture.

The perfect afternoon break for food and wine lovers!


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