Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy

Policy Statement

We satisfy the legislative requirements for the provision of safe and high-quality food products, also recognizing the necessity of installing and implementing Food Quality and Food Safety Systems that will recognize, evaluate and control the health and safety risks of the products produced.

Quality Objectives

  • • To meet or exceed the expectations of our customers consistently, focusing on the safety & quality of our products.

  • • Respond to queries, concerns or complaints by acting immediately and decisively, thereby improving our produced products.

  • • Identify, report, investigate and resolve all nonconformance and take action to prevent recurrence.

  • • Constant evaluation and maintenance of an integrated quality system, to strive for long term continual improvement.

  • •Training and educating our people to continuously improve their skills, awareness, and knowledge about compliance with Health and Safety rules in the field of Food production.

  • • Maintain and calibrate equipment to meet or exceed the applicable standard or statutory obligation.

  • • Uphold regulatory compliance with an ongoing review of statutory obligations, standards and codes of practice that apply to our company.

  • • To maintain and monitor a culture that supports all these objectives.

Our Vision

To maintain and evolve our leading position in the dining area, offering superior products to our customers through innovative solutions with an unrivaled level of support 

Our Mission

Providing safe food to customers. To provide excellent quality and hygiene products surpassing the expectations of our customers while satisfying alt domestic laws and Community regulations.

Our Commitment

We commit ourselves to comply with all the legal regulations and requirements of our customers, by continuously improving the effectiveness of the requirements of the Food Safety Management System by providing continuous and uninterrupted all necessary resources for this purpose

Our Values

  • • Teamwork 
  • • Innovation 
  • • Knowledge 
  • • Excellence 
  • • Integrity 
  • • Honesty 
  • • Loyalty 
  • • Respect 
  • • Reliability 
  • • Adaptability 
  • • Accountability 
  • • Passion

  • Tzarakis Georgios
  • General Manager
  • Ostria Resort & SPA

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