Spa Kallisti

Harmony and Regeneration of Spirit


Our primary concern is your embarking upon a trip of well-being, harmony, and regeneration of spirit. 

With the aid of water and Essential oils in combination with holistic and alternative therapies, you will be guided to discover a new world of experiences that will balance your body and soul in perfect harmony. With the aid of our experienced and well-established personnel, every therapy becomes a unique experience for your senses. You can enjoy a variety of massages, as well as, complete face and body therapies. In addition, we offer specially formed packages for couples and friends.    

For our treatments, we use herbal and organic products from the recognized and certified companies ARIADNE ATHENS and CHARME D'ORIENT PARIS. The former by utilizing the most precious and rare treasures produced by the Greek Earth, such as Royal jelly, Honey, Chios mastic, oak flour, kumquat, etc. aspires to offer the ultimate skincare experience on your skin. The latter is known for its delicious rice butter, precious Argan oil, and vegetable oils enriched with aromas of the east.

The equipment at our premises is guaranteed by KLAFS, a leading organization in the SPA industry, which has been awarded for its environmentally and human-friendly quality products and promises at the same time the ultimate in luxurious service and relaxation.  


A steam bath at 49 Celsius and 100% humidity that promotes blood circulation, reduces toxins levels in your body and promotes a healthy lifestyle, especially for those with breathing issues.


With a temperature of 90 Celsius and 10% humidity, the sauna creates the perfect environment to relax your muscles, promote blood circulation, increase metabolism and shield your immune system.

Water paradise

Enjoy a shower with an alternative flow between warm and cold water. Covering your body with ice flakes gathered into a sculptured bowl after having a sauna or hamam session, promotes blood circulation and body oxygenation.



Astonishing heated indoor pool with hydro massage. This area is recommended for relaxation while enjoying hot herbal tea prepared especially for you!

Private suite

Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Love and Soul, KALLISTI WELLNESS AND FITNESS SPA invites you to a unique 3-hour experience in our Private suite.


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