Join the Grill Academy Journey

Join the Grill Academy Journey

Taste the food, feel the passion, join the fun!

Do you know the feeling of experiencing one of those moments you never want to end? Well, you could say that this is what the Weber Grill Academy is all about; preparing you for those moments around the barbecue to you share with colleagues, friends, and family.

Perfect for anyone looking to learn the Weber way of cooking, this introductory course will teach you how to achieve consistently great results with classic barbecue dishes. You will learn must-have barbecue skills, such as lighting, controlling temperature, and how to tell when your food is cooked to perfection.

Using Weber's lid-on technique both on charcoal and gas barbecues, an expert chef will spend four hours teaching you the best way to cook a number of all-time barbecue classics.

As part of this course, you'll be asked to prepare your very own juicy burger and be taught how to cut and portion a whole chicken, using the various pieces to create a succulent barbecued chicken dish. The chef will also show just one of the many possibilities to expand your barbecue menu with a demonstration of the famous "beer chicken."

A Course for every Taste

Bring along your partner, best friend, adult children, or barbecue buddy and get a new perspective on your barbeque evenings. Try out new barbecue accessories and share the fun! The food that is cooked by the teams during the course is evaluated by the grill masters and then enjoyed by the participants.

From grilling and roasting to baking and smoking, you'll be amazed by what you can cook after attending a Weber Grill Academy course.


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