Welcome Therapies

As A Welcome To KALLISTI WELLNESS AND FITNESS SPA We Suggest You Begin Your Experience At The Wet Area


A steam bath at 49 Celsius and 100% humidity which promotes blood circulation reduces toxins level in your body and promotes a healthy life style especially to those with breathing issues.
Duration time 5 to 20 minutes.



With a temperature of 90 Celsius and 10% humidity sauna creates the perfect environment to relax your muscles, promote blood circulation, increase metabolism and shield your immune system.
Duration time 5 to 15 minutes.



Small ice flakes your body, fall into a sculptured cover bowl .This is a must after a sauna or hamam session. It drastically promotes blood circulation and body’s oxygenation.



Enjoy a shower with an alternative flow between warm and cold water. It’s not just one more alternative after a sauna or hamam session but it also creates a new refreshing experience to your body.



Astonishing heated indoor pool with hydro massage. We recommend this area for relaxation while hot drinks will be provided to you. Wet Area must be used before every therapy. For scheduled appointments the Wet Area is free of charge. For those wanting to use the Wet Area only there is a charge.