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Santa’s Secret Holiday Destination

Santa loves family holidays. Through his travels, he visited Ostria and finally found what he had been looking for… a holiday destination where families gather and spend creative time together creating precious memories they will cherish forever. Today, Ostria is his most favorite destination. The place he lands secretly every Christmas to rest and fill his heart with happy family experiences. This year, his magic bag hides a lot of surprises but also something very special from his region: A fairytale land!
Favorite heroes depicting from the classic tales we all loved in our childhood, will revive in the Christmas Village to carry us in the world of dreams and fantasy beyond the limits of time.

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21 Dec

Day 1

Opening Starts at 17:00

22 Dec

Day 2

Live Concert Orchestra

23 Dec

Day 3


24 Dec

Day 4

25 Dec

Day 5


26 Dec

Day 6

Live Performance Duo Violins

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