Face & Body Treatments

Face & Body Treatments

Rejuvenating and refreshing

Our face is the mirror to our inner world. All of our emotions are depicted on it. Face treatments promote our looks, delay aging, recover skin elasticity, and make skin shine and soft. In our therapies we have chosen for you the best cosmetic products from CHARMED’ORIENT PARIS and TEGODER COSMETICS. All of our therapies contain lotion, peeling, face mask, serum and day creams. The techniques used during our face treatments consists of Indianhead, face massage, Gua-sha ( using wood sticks). We also offer feet and hand massages.

  • charmer d’orirent

    Be part of the experience that is based solely on Argan essential oil which is rich in essential omega9 and omega6 fatty acids. Argan is considered to be one of the most scarce oils on earth since 100 kilos of dried fruits are used in a process that needs 10 hours to produce just a litre of it. Charmer D’Orient is a therapy also using mineral clay Rassoul, honey and wax. This therapy is vital for dry and dehydrated skin.

  • pearl crystals and royal jelly

    One of the most well-known treatments that combines western and Chinese techniques. A muscle relaxation technique that reliefs bone and muscle pain, balances neuro system, promotes blood circulation and energizes the body.

  • butter arganier and rose water after sun therapy

    A healing therapy enriched with all the advantages of Argan butter and distilled liquid of wild rose, rose water and bee wax. A unique soothing experience that rejuvenates your skin with the aid of Mediterranean products. This therapy feeds your skin with all the nutrients it needs, especially after long sun exposure.

  • O2 and vitamin therapy

    A powerful treatment of deep hydration enriched with ruby crystals, a 12 vitamin complex, Q10 enzyme and magnesium. A beauty treatment that combines beer yeast vegetable DNA, and pink quartz. All of the above promote the natural collagen production and elastin and blocks the production of free radicals.

  • eyes alloy therapy

    Eyes are known as the mirror of our soul and deserve the best treatment and care. Aloy therapy is an enhanced treatment for the sensitive eye area. The beneficial effects of alloy, myrtle, lemon, and jojoba oil battle successfully wrinkles and black circles around the eyes. Our treatment acts as a soothening and anti-inflammatory process that respects the sensitive area around your eyes.

  • golden care for men

    Men’s skin is in need of deep hydration and nutrition. Golden care is a unique therapy especially designed for men’s needs. For this treatment we use Argan oil, Karite butter, wild rose extracts and alloy. The product used aims to boost cell rebirth, and makes your skin shine by eliminating expression wriggles.

  • peeling

    Body peeling is essential for the rejuvenation and renewal of our skin. Peeling helps skin get rid of dead cells and clean. The end result of peeling is that your body produces elastin and collagen. Peeling therapies can be combined with Vichy showers or as a preparation for a massage.
    Peeling with mineral salt honey aroma oils and royal jelly.
    Peeling with wild rose beans dipped in Argan oil.
    Peeling with olive beans and cocoa extract.
    Peeling with sea pearl bamboo and jojoba oil.


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