Aqua experiences



Enjoy this unique treatment as you lay down on a water heated surface. Here, you are about to discover the new magical water experience in combination with chromotherapies and aromatherapies offered by AEMOTIO SPA. Vichy shower can be combined with peeling treatments as well.
25 min



The ultimate relaxation experience offered by aroma showers that put together the advantages of a massage (via the water pleasure applied on your body) and the healing abilities of chromotherapy.
25 min



A shower originated back in ancient Egypt that uses milk and honey as the queen of beauty (Cleopatra) herself knew how to enjoy. Honey is used because of its high hydration abilities while milk makes sure you will get a smooth and velvet skin.



This shower holds all the beauty secrets of Dead Sea. A warm shower, with scented healing salts, that offers relaxation and promotes health. Salts are known for their high consistency in minerals and metals as magnesium calcium sodium and many more. Salts not only act as antioxidants to the body but also while they melt they are becoming an endless source of energy.



The relaxing properties of the water in combination with the unique scent of oils such as jasmine ylang-ylang and vanilla will offer you deep relaxation and sense of well-being.



Private hamam takes place at 49 Celsius and 100% humidity where the warm environment we create for your body makes it ready to absorb all the benefits offered by the tropical rain water, aromatherapy and chromotherapy.
Hamam therapy can be combined with healing mud from the Dead Sea which contains minerals and metals vital for the lymphatic system and boosting your metabolism. Our clients apply the mud on themselves inside our hamam premises.

1. Private Hamam: 20 min

2. Private Hamam with mud from Dead Sea: 25 min